Name Henry Gender Male
Age 28 Marriage Unmarried
Height 171CM Weight 65KG
Email College Nantong University
Major Computer Science and Technology Degree Bachelor
Language Ruby,Python,Javascript Account Github   RubyChina
  • 3+ years experience in web development, especially in Ruby on Rails
  • strong knowledge of web service and RESTful APIs design
  • have some exposure to the full stack: jQuery, MySQL, Redis, RSpec, Nginx and Git
  • understanding of design patterns, refactoring, unit testing and OO concepts
  • exposure to lean practices, such as Test-Driven development, Agile development
  • write clean, maintainable and well structured code
  • ability to learn new things quickly and working collaboratively with a team
  • reading and writing skills in english are good, but oral english is poor
  • 0.5+ years experience in Python, Django
Brief Introduction

My name is Henry Lee, a senior Ruby developer. I love programming, especially in Ruby/Rails.

In 2010, I graduated from Nantong University, with a bachelor degree of Computer Science and Technology.

I have been involved in every aspect of Rails development, building everything from front-end Javascript libraries to back-end application architectures. I also have experience on Python, jQuery, MySQL, Redis, etc.

I learned a lot skills from reading books. Let me introduce two of them: one is called Refactoring Ruby, and another one is Design patterns in ruby. Refactoring Ruby shares a lots of tricks on refactoring code. It helps me to clean up my code. After refactoring, the code is easy to test and less bugs. Design Patterns introduced some best practice in software designing. It presents effective techniques to simplify complex code. I realized a well-designed systems, is easier to maintain in the future.

Both of them improved my use of Ruby, as well as Rails and encouraged me to become an agile programmer. I believe hard work will reward me more than trying to find short cuts.

  • Personal

  • Company

  • Open Source (Secondary Developed)

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